What is Data Diagnostic Laboratory?

Data Diagnostic Laboratory is a solution as a service designed to create value by processing and analyzing a huge amount of data.


You provide us with your data, we analyze it and improve your business.

Who is it for?

By understanding the language of your big data we create a big value

Detect unusual service behaviour

The main source of lower efficiency in modern enterprise systems is caused by some deviations from the normal behaviour. Our system ensures early and precise detection of unusual behaviour in large problem/process spaces.

Support quality assurance

The goal of our quality assurance solution is to guarantee the high quality of your product and services with less effort and resources by early detection of quality problems, precise discovering of their root cause and acting accordingly.

Predict maintenance

Prevent asset failure, detect quality issues and improve operational processes of your business. Scheduled maintenance costs much less time and money than an unexpected one.

Help with customer churn

Enable highly personalized service offering to an individual customer. It will increase customer loyalty and avoid customer churn. Moreover, our solution enables full engagement of customers and makes them into prosumers.

Improve logistic efficiency

Our solution increases efficiency of a supply chain by predicting demand and reducing wasteful stockpiling. Also it can spot anomalies in logistic process and improve it accordingly.

Oil & Gas

The main goal of our “D2Lab Oil & Gas” solution is to enable predictive maintenance in oil and gas domain and to prevent asset failure, detect quality issues and improve operational processes. These will help our customers to deploy limited resources wisely and effectively.

The main goal of our D2Lab for Oil and Gas solution is to enable predictive maintenance in oil and gas domain and to prevent asset failure, detect quality issues and improve operational processes.

We collect all relevant data from multiple sources in real-time, process and analyze this information using advanced predictive analytics, that can detect even minor anomalies and failure patterns. We use pattern recognition and anomaly detection algorithms to send alerts at the earliest signs of machine degradation.

These early warnings will help our customers to deploy limited resources wisely and effectively. Predictive maintenance costs much less time and money than unexpected breakdowns.

D2Lab allows us to deploy the monitoring solution on huge datasets, i.e. we can combine information and real-time data streams from many machines and data sources. Our algorithms never sleep which means they are continuously improving and adapting when your operations change.

We have secure connectors and API’s to all major data historians vendors such as OSIsoft and Honeywell. We can output our results into our user interface or integrate with an existing solution. Due to our modular software architecture, we are flexible on how we implement D2Lab in an organisation.

Our team is comprised of 15 multidisciplinary data scientists and engineers. Based in Den Haag (Netherlands), Karlsruhe (Germany) and Nis (Serbia) we focus on enabling data-driven analytics solutions for manufacturing, transportation, additive manufacturing and oil & gas firms.


Compressor monitoring is commonly done on-premises and based on thermodynamic and mass balance models. These models are unable to handle changes in conditions without human interference. Adding machine learning improves condition monitoring of these assets over time and helps reduce costly downtime and optimize maintenance planning and cost.

Gas turbine

The power supply in any operational environment is one of the most critical aspects of your operations. Whether you are working with state of the art technology or ageing equipment we can add value by reducing downtime and overall maintenance cost.

Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP)

Maintaining your ESP’s in the ultimate operating envelope is often a challenge. Including historical data as a monitoring parameter gives you additional predictive analytical capabilities. We use machine learning to keep your ESP’s at perfect maintenance and operating conditions.

We offer to test our platform and algorithms on historical data. By applying the process described earlier we transform your historian data into actionable insights, which from that point onwards can also be applied in real-time. If our initial screening is successful we would like to deploy our platform in real-time for a minimum commitment of 6 months.


In the era of Industry 4.0 efficiency is the key feature of any healthy manufacturing business. D2Lab for manufacturing is tailored for the modern Industry 4.0 businesses, introducing new levels of quality control, predictive maintenance and process improvement.

Industrial systems nowadays are very complex entities, which have to perform all the time at the maximum of their performances in order to compete in the global game. It is a very challenging goal and it requires well planned (management-driven) activities to ensure a continuous monitoring of performances and proactive search for their improvement in order to perform better than the competition. Process improvement is usually a costly activity since it requires experts knowledge about the process/domain, analytical skills for finding problems/opportunities and corresponding technical infrastructure for an efficient implementation of innovations. This is especially difficult for small and medium enterprises, who are, on the other hand, mostly “suffering” from the global competition.

Luckily, a new industrial revolution (Industrie 4.0) opens new frontiers for improving industrial systems by enabling increased understanding of how a system is behaving through advanced sensing of every activity, horizontally and vertically. Indeed, by connecting smart things anywhere and anytime, modern industrial systems generate a huge amount of data (multi-modal, multivariate/high-dimensional and streaming) that reflects almost everything within the complex manufacturing entities. Due to huge progress in technology development, the prices of sensors and their deployment have become affordable for any type of companies, opening new possibilities for innovations.

3D Printing

3D Printing is a very unstable process and the product quality can be unsatisfactory. D2Lab for Industry 4.0 related additive manufacturing enables quality assurance and waste reduction by analyzing the production process layer by layer in real-time.

3D Printing is a very unstable process and the product quality can be unsatisfactory. Many things can go wrong, and a lot of problems with the product can occur. The problem is when these issues start happening it is already too late, the products already become scrap.

D2Lab for 3D printing and additive manufacturing is a software as a service for monitoring and analyzing the data in Industry4.0-related additive manufacturing. It will revolutionize the quality management in additive manufacturing (3D Printing) processes:

–     By providing a data analytics-driven monitoring of production process and product creation,

–     Through exploiting the potential of big data technologies for real-time anomaly detection.

So, not only D2Lab can tell which product is good or not, but also detect conditions in which scrap or substandard quality products have been made. With the help of D2Lab manufacturers would be able to create the most ideal conditions for the production of any product and can be alarmed if conditions are worsening.

How it can be applied?

  • We use connectors to your printers

  • You deliver the printing data

  • We perform analytics and provide reports to you

  • We analyse the problems together

  • We embed the results in your printing process

  • You enjoy the printing process and extra value

Why do you need it?

Don’t climb these difficult stairs alone, ride with our escalators instead!

Big data, if handled properly can create big value. If you do nothing with the big data your business already generates, you just waste that value and if you are not advancing your business according to the modern Industry 4.0 rules of efficiency, you will not stay competitive.
It is as simple as that!

It greatly improves your business if you make it more efficient, reduce your costs, improve your processes and quality, reduce waste and discards. But it is too expensive to introduce the entire IT department and build expertise for data analytics.

It is much wiser and effective to hire someone to do it for you, someone with a reliable solution, novel approach and great expertise.

Keeping the innovation cycle active and healthy is the key to a successful business. Can you do it alone?

How does it work?

From the moment D2Lab ingest your data until the moment we create the data atlas and enable catching anomalies on the fly we introduce you the following pipeline:


D2Twin is a data-driven “replica” of an asset (product, system or process). It is based on the analysis of the past behavior of the asset. It is derived from past data using advanced data analytics techniques. D2Twin extends the concept of the Digital Twin from the point of view of how the asset has been used in the past. Analyzing the data generated by a concrete asset in the past operation, our approach derives the knowledge about the model of the asset. Traditionally, Digital Twin is the result of human expert-driven modeling, independently of its usage. Additionally, D2Twin is a digital replica of a concrete artifact and not the model of a type of assets (e.g. type of machine).

The key advantages of D2Twin

  • Applicability – it can be employed in any domain where the data is available

  • Complexity – learning is unsupervised so that no human expert involvement is needed

  • Scalability – model learning can be applied on high-dimensional process space

  • Up-to-date model – the new model is periodically generated so that the model is always up-to-date, compensating model drift


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About us

We are a company with a huge international experience in a cutting edge research and development of novel technologies, application and advanced IT solutions for boosting innovations in dynamic and networked business environments. One of our main assets is our huge social network, that help us in gathering new ideas/experiences and expanding our partner and customer base. We like to challenge status quo and develop new, disruptive technologies which improve your business efficiency and ensures it’s competitiveness.

We are active in the domains of a big data management, complex mobile processing, remote monitoring and sensor data processing. Besides D2Lab, the solution for a big data management, we offer the solution for a context aware, remote patient and fitness activity monitoring in the form of My Cardio Advisor (MCA). and the solution for fitness in the form of Smart4Fit.